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Our Horse & Pony Herds

Free to live the way nature intended

We are Passionate about our Horses and Ponies and want them to be Happy in the Job that they do .

We therefore give them everything they could possibly need including at least 2 days off per week, limited work hours per day, unlimited access to the best Haylage and feed they may need, the best Farrier & Veterinary support and a wonderful, caring team of staff and students devoted to their every need. But the best bit we think - is that we give them  

The freedom to live in a Herd.

In our opinion (and we bet the Horse would agree), Horses and Ponies were not meant to spend day after day locked up in stables or small paddocks - Horses just want to socialise with other horses and would roam and graze naturally for between 18 and 22 hours a day if left to their own devices. Of course, we are fortunate to have the space and means to adopt this policy and the perfect Utopia is not available to all, but the results are amazing and you won't find more contented Horses and Ponies anywhere.

For 30 years we have been carefully selecting our Pony and Horse Herds and we graze them in Large paddocks seperated by type. There's always the odd scuffle but by and large they have become a family and have their own hierachy as you would find in nature. During the Winter months we do of course house them as required in stables,large Pens and Barns so they are always in close proximity to each other. This makes them happy and it makes them Calm and Relaxed when giving lessons in the Riding arenas, simply because they are content in their own company.

It's a Joy to see a Herd of Ponies galloping across an open field on a Sunday Evening after a busy weeks work in the Riding school. Our Horses and Ponies are content and Happy and that means that they are Perfect to teach beginners to Ride on.

So come and meet the Real Stars of our Show - our wonderful Horses and Ponies.