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Our Reprieve

As many of you will be aware we sought to redevelop Callum Park in 2017 to safeguard the future of our Horse and Pony herds and to secure our tenure at Callum Park. Unfortunately, the planning authorities didn’t buy into our vision and our application was unsuccessful.

This meant that the riding school and Training academy were set to close later this year and we recently started the painful process of preparing to disband our 30-year-old business and rehome our horses and ponies.  But, when it came down to it we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it.

 We have been touched and encouraged by the support and comments of many of our loyal riding clients and so, after much deliberation and grinding of teeth we have decided to have a crack at running a reduced scale school. The training academy will unfortunately have to close but the Riding school could we think survive if it gets the support that it needs. This will be a huge financial challenge given the scale of our overheads and infrastructure, but we think we may have found a way to make it work, but, it will all depend upon the continued support of our fabulous riders.

The essential plan is to focus on Horse & Pony welfare, Rider progression and the introduction of a whole new line of rider equine educational offerings (many of you have been asking for these) as well as a reduction in non-essential activities to remain sustainable. Fortunately, we have fantastic facilities and an age of experience on our side and we will be offering a Super centre setup but with a new and intimate family focused approach.

Hopefully you will all be as excited as we are about this news and you can expect to see a lot of changes and new ideas rolling out over the course of this summer. Please do tell us what you would like to see changed, added or even just kept the same.

Callum Park is your Riding school so please help us by spreading the good news and promoting us to your friends and family. It’s an interesting thought that if every rider introduced one new client to the school then we would be considerably better placed for the challenges ahead.

Happy riding everyone and thanks again.

John & Lulu