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9 custom build Eco homes

Our family are very proud to have created both Callum Park riding school and the Kent Equine Academy and indeed to have seen them both do so well over the last 30 plus years. Unfortunately all good things eventually come to an end and we are saddened to say that this time is now approaching for us.

Things have been tough financially for most people these last 9 years but the riding school has been particularly hard hit with the unending squeeze on family incomes. The whole operation has only been kept afloat by the income received by our education business. This education funding has now been withdrawn which unfortunately now takes matters out of our hands.

Finances are available to allow current course completions which therefore will enable Callum Park to continue until next summer, so we are able to say that -

Everything will carry on as it is for at least another year.


In the meantime however, we have submitted a planning application to redevelop Callum Park. This redevelopment offers us our only realistic hope of continuing our tenure at Callum Park and if successful it will:


·         Allow our family to stay in our home and continue to manage the Callum Park estate.

·         Allow 9 new families to join us at Callum Park and build their own dream Custom homes.

·         Allow our horses and Ponies to retire in the herds they have known for much of their lives.



Housing development applications are rarely popular and particularly so in rural areas but, our application is quite different to most and in fact offers a rare opportunity for good. Rather than adding buildings and people to the countryside we are in fact reducing buildings and the number of people. In fact if successful there will be:


·         Reduced development on what is a  ‘Brownfield’ site.

·         Reduction in the existing built area – overall 37% less footprint area.

·         Reduction in traffic – 83% less.

·         Reduction in Light and noise pollution.

·         Enhancement to the landscape – substantial Landscaping & ecological features.

·         Only 9 houses for self builders – not a large developer led scheme.

·         Complete screening of development –won’t be visible from the road.

·         Continuity of ownership – prevents the break up of Callum Park and multiple owner agendas.

·         None of the usual parking and neighbour nuisance factors common in new developments.

.         The best re-use of site compared to alternatives.

.         Continued employment potential - 9 self contained Offices/Studios provided for professionals.


Of course despite all of the obvious advantages we are under no illusions - it will not be an easy ride to obtain permission. Should you have any sympathy for our plight and would like to support Callum Park, our family or indeed our horses & ponies then please submit a supporting comment by email (remember to include some planning points).

just click here and type your supporting comments - but if there's a snag go to the planning website direct HERE and enter the application ref No. 17/503274/FULL - you will have to do a quick registration using your email.

We think that the proposal is beautiful, appropriate and with your help will hopefully secure Callum Park.



If successful we intend to offer plots in partnership with ‘Potton’, the U.K.'s leading specialist in self build and environmentally friendly homes who provide as little or as much of the build as you wish – see www.potton.co.uk

If you are considering a self build project it is very important that you register on the planning authorities list otherwise sites like this may not get the approval that they deserve. To register in just 30 seconds with Swale  Click HERE  - we have given you a start which you should edit to suit.