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Pony Club

where the Serious Fun starts

If your child Just can't get enough of Ponies 

then it's time that they come and  join our pony club. This is where all of our pony crazy teenagers come who need more than just a weekly Ride.

Children Love being around Ponies and the Joy and Responsibility that comes from caring for them  teaches important values in life. Of course Pony club is about having Fun but, woven into these sessions is the important knowledge and expereince required to care and look after Ponies properly. Many Pony club members go on to Loan Ponies or even buy their own one day and our Pony clubbers can be sure of the best start on this journey.

To support and emphasise the training received on Pony club we have now introduced 'TRACKPACK'. This is a series of structured syllabuses and award days to record your progress and guide you along your learning path. You can learn more about 'TRACKPACK' HERE.

Pony Club runs every saturday and Sunday throughout the year with extra days during school holidays. It is available to those aged 8 years and above but you must have completed a Yard Safety course. first.

Places are limited and must be booked in advance.