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Saddle Club

for the grown ups !

This is where the Pony Club gang end up when they're old !

that's 15 years of age don't you know !

Saddle Club is a very Exclusive club and we will expect you to have done your time with us in the Riding School and the Pony Club to Qualify for membership.

You are given more responsibilities around the horses and on the yards, which will include acting as a Mentor to the younger Pony Club members. You will be treated as though you were a Junior member of staff and you will be given extra opportunities including the offer of paid work as it becomes available.

You're still free to enjoy your time with your friends and Horses on the Yards and it certainly is a long way from anything that could be considered as 'work'  but, it does start to move you towards that door in Life marked 'Serious'.

We are Thrilled when our members progress to Saddle Club - and in recognition of their many Talents, their loyalty and their dedication to our school we are delighted to say that to our regular riders, Saddle Club is FREE OF CHARGE !

It's always nice to be appreciated !