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Yard Safety Courses

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Next event : Friday 31st May

This is a great fun day out with the ponies but -

it is on this day that we take your children out of the saddle and teach them to understand which end of the pony bites and which end kicks!

This is likely to be their first formal introduction to ponies and it is a mandatory day for all our young riders if they wish to participate in the many activities and clubs that we run.

They will all pass and they will all get a certificate but by the end of the day they will come home tired, dirty and full of knowledge that will amaze you!

The course teaches them the basics of :

  • Safety around Ponies and on Stable Yards.
  • Correct Handling and Leading of Ponies.
  • Correct handling and fitting of Tack.
  • Health & Hygiene on Yards.
  • Yard rules and procedures.

A course runs during every school holiday between 10am and 4pm for children aged 8 and above. Places are limited and need to be booked in advance with reception. The next course date can be seen in the upcoming events section next to this page.

We also tell them to keep their bedrooms tidy at home - but good luck with that one !