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Code of Conduct

for Riders & visitors

Basically the Rules !

In line with our commitment to the 'Clubmark' Standard we publish the standards expected from our members, Riders and their Visitors agree that

  • Full compliance with all COVID-19 sfaety measures are required by everyone at site and at all times.
  • They have read and understood the 'Rider Information' and the 'Clothing & Equipment guide' guidelines.
  • Smoking is prohibited everywhere with the exception of the car park
  • Dogs are not permitted to site without prior authorisation of management
  • All Junior Riders MUST have a Parent or Guardian present at all times during their riding lesson.
  • No food or drink may be consumed on or around the stable yards at any time.
  • Only Riders may enter onto the Stable yards or Pony pens to collect or return Ponies and Horses. All visitors must remain on the main concourse or public areas.
  • No photography is permitted without permission in advance from the Reception staff and/or the Riding Instructor and NO Flash photography is allowed at any time.
  • No climbing on any fences or gates.
  • Spectators/parents must not communicate with Instructors during the course of a lesson
  • Spectators must remain at least 3 feet back from any Riding arena fence during a lesson.
  • No Rider may mount or dismount outside of an Arena or without the permission of the riding instructor.
  • Only Riders, Leaders and Instructors are allowed to enter an arena or paddock during a riding lesson.
  • No treats may be given to Horses or Ponies without express permission from Instructors.
  • No running or shouting at any time.
  • The Strict 10mph Speed limit on site MUST be adhered to even when you are running late.
  • Riders must conform to the published Hat and dress code when in arenas or around horses.
  • Only staff may collect or return Horses and ponies to paddocks unless they supervise Riders to do so.

It's not that bad really so help us to keep you and your children safe from Harm