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Horse Loans

An Adult Indulgence

There's only one thing better than the thrill of Riding a Horse and that's the Pleasure of Owning one !

For most people though that's not practical, so we have devised a perfect Horse Lease scheme to give you the next best thing.

It's so simple - you Hire your favourite horse on a monthly basis giving you the freedom to start and stop at times to suit your lifestyle as well as the ability to swap your horse and try another one.

Horse Hire is just £306 per month and is fully inclusive of Insurance, Farrier, Vet, Feed, Tack & Equipment and of course the use of our great facilities.

All this for just a fraction of the cost of ownership and you can relax knowing you are always surrounded by qualified staff who will offer help and guidance along the way.

We want you to continue to improve your riding, and so to support you in this we offer an Exclusive offer to our 'Loaners' of

A Weekly group lesson for just £99 per Calendar month. ( that's around 1/3 rd off the normal price !) when purchased at same time as loan. You'll also receive discounts on the in house shows.

For the detailed stuff and conditions of Loan see our information sheet here and to see which of our Horses are available to Loan browse our Horses page here.

"Whoever said Money can't buy Happiness had never tried our Horse Loan scheme"