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Pony Loans

a dream come true !

The perfect next step for Pony Mad Teenagers !

If you're not yet ready, or indeed unable to take that big step to buying your own Pony then this is the Safe, Fun, Cost effective and RISK FREE solution for you.

It's so simple - you simply hire your favorite Pony on a monthly basis giving you complete freedom to start and end when it suits you and you have the ability to try out different Pony types to find the one that's really right for you.

This is a Brilliant substitute for ownership or indeed a very sensible step before committing to a purchase !

and at just £253 per month it's within every ones grasp - even if it's just a Birthday treat!

Included in the above is Insurance, Farrier, Vet, Feed, Tack & Equipment and of course the use of our great facilities.

All this for just a fraction of the cost of ownership and it gives you the peace of mind knowing that your child is in the safest possible environment with the safest of ponies and with qualified staff at hand for advice and support at all times.

We want your child to continue to improve their riding skills and so to support this we also offer an exclusive Lesson deal to our 'Loaners' of A weekly group lesson for just £87 per Calendar month. ( this is around 1/3 off the normal price !) when purchased at the same time as the Loan.

You will also get discounts on activity days and the in house shows.

For the detailed stuff and terms of our loans see our information sheet HERE and to see which of our wonderful ponies are available to Loan browse our Pony pages here. We will make sure you Loan the Right Pony so don't worry !

"We know of no better or safer way to introduce your children to the delights and thrills of Owning a Pony"