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Junior School

The Fun, the Thrills, the Friendships!

We Love teaching Kids to Ride and have taught literally thousands of them !

We were the First Riding school in the UK able to legally teach Children from as young as 3 Years of age through our Unique 'Unicorns' sessions.

With three children ourselves, we completely understand their needs - and the questions and concerns that parents might have. This has led to our Junior instruction program, where we combine understanding instructors, ideal ponies and great activities to keep everyone happy but always Learning and improving. We are also one of the few Riding schools in the UK to have achieved the 'Clubmark' award which was the Gold standard award for the care of children in Sport.

Generally, Children start on our 'Lead rein' Lessons and stay on these for a few weeks until they master the basics of 'Walk and Trot'. From that point on they move up through our controlled Grading system to Canter and then Jump Group Lessons. This grading and streaming system keeps everyone on the right lesson standard so you won't find yourself struggling at the back of a Ride or being held back by the inexperience of others. There are many reasons why parents may prefer Private Tuition either regularly or from time to time - you can pick and choose to suit your needs and your budget.

We have a big selection of Wonderful Ponies and Instructors and have many Lessons spread across the week, Evenings and Weekends - So if like many people your busy schedule makes it difficult to commit to a regular weekly time slot - thats ok, we can usually offer you alternative sessions at the same level of riding. Often Children develop favourite Ponies and Instructors and we are usually able to accommodate these requests.

All of our Riders are continuosly Graded and their progress tracked through our unique 'Schoolmaster' Software system and in addition we also offer our 'TRACKPACK' Progressive Award system. No other Riding school in the UK is able to offer such a comprehensive system of Progression.

Basically we take care of everything and parents can sit back with a coffee from our cafe and upload photos to Facebook from the Gallery whilst we entertain and teach your kids. Oh, and the best bit - when its Raining and miserable our Kids Ride Indoors so no one has to get wet !

Over the weekend and holiday periods we have plenty of great Activities for Kids to attend in addition to their lessons. They will soon become immersed in a whole Pony World surrounded by other Pony Mad Kids and you can relax knowing we supervise everything to keep them Safe.

There is no greater memory in life that you can give your child than the happy years spent learning to Ride and Caring for Ponies !