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Clothing & Equipment Guide

Looking Good !

Horse Riding is all about the fun and the exhilaration

but remember that you may well fall off and so you need to be suitably protected to minimise your risk of injury.

Don't rush out to buy a load of expensive equipment until you are sure the Sport is for you. Initially you will probably be able to make do with your own clothing and the most important bit of kit - the Riding Hat,  you can hire from us until you're ready to purchase.

Riding Hats: complying to the current BSI standards (minimum PAS 105 & BS EN 1384) must be worn and correctly fitted and fastened at all times when mounted or when Leading horses.

Footwear: The minimum requirement is strong boots or even shoes with a hard, flat sole and small (1/2 inch) defined heel and closed toes. This is required also for anyone Leading a horse or Pony.

Clothing: Jodhpurs are the most comfortable trousers to ride in however Jogging trousers or thick leggings will suffice initially. We advise against Jeans. Shorts are not permitted. We recommend multiple layers of clothing that provide freedom of movement and allow you to remove layers should you become uncomfortably warm.

Gloves:  Preferable.

Jewellery: should not be worn at any time when riding or around horses with the exception of wedding rings and small piercings.

Body Protectors: are not compulsory but we recommend are worn for all lessons and certainly at Jump level.