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Exhilaration or Relaxation !

Hacking around our beautiful farm bridelways

Hacking is a seasonal activity and is normally available between April and November. We provide around 2 miles of  neat mown grass tracks with trimmed hedgerows on one side and secure fencing on the other. These 'Avenues' provide the perfect combination of Rider safety and the exhilaration of Riding in the countryside and you don't have to contend with any of the stress of motorists you would normally encounter on the roads.

The views are really spectacular particularly over the Estuaries and if you're looking to get away from it all for an hour then there's nothing likely to relax and refresh you more. 

Because of the controlled environment we are able to take Riders out on Hacks who may not be (in our opinion) quite ready for the open road. All of our Hacks are accompanied by instructors and all riders must have reached the appropriate riding grade, your instructor will advise you if you are ready.

Often in the summer months we take some of our group lessons out for a Hack as a treat during their weekly lessons and we even allow mums and dads to walk the course and enjoy the scenery whilst you are riding.

If you are an experienced rider and want to enjoy a hack with some friends we are usually able to accommodate you. We simply start you in an arena and if our instructor is satisfied of your ability you may then Hack out for the remainder of your time.

There's simply no better way to enjoy the countryside !