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Rider Information

All the information you need to start horse riding

Booking your first lesson

Just click on the 'Book Now' button and after completing and submitting the information we will call you back with Lesson options. Alternatively you may prefer to call reception First although this may involve a call back if we are busy on the yards.

Every Rider must fully complete a Rider Registration Form before mounting. This can be completed simply and quickly on line but must be Signed at reception before the first Lesson can take place.

Our diary is open 6 weeks in advance and you are encouraged to keep your lessons booked throughout that period to maintain your place.


is always made at the time of booking - either in person at reception or over the telephone.

We accept most major debit cards but due to changes in government legislation we no longer accept Credit cards or company debit cards.

As lessons and services must be paid for at the time of booking customers may find it convenient to avail of our family discount scheme - deposit £100 in cash and receive a £5 credit. Lessons can then be booked by telephone to suit if suitable credit is available.

Pay by credit or debit card

Cancelling or amending your booking

Always do this in person or by phone. We are unable to process bookings by email or social media. Should you need to leave an answerphone message please do so slowly and carefully especially if on a mobile phone and the signal is not good.

Lessons can sometimes be moved where there is at Least 7 days notice. 

In the event of less than 7 days notice a Credit will be applied to your account as follows:

100 % credit* Min 7 day notice
75% credit More than 24 Hours notice
50% credit More than 4 Hours notice
No credit Less than 4 hours notice or no show

* credit value depends on price paid if part of discount and only 1 full credit allowed per calendar month.

Refunds are not given unless there are extenuating circumstances and certainly not after 3 months from the payment date. Any refund is subject to a minimum £15 administration charge.

Rider Limits

Minimum Age 3 years
Max Weight (fully clothed riding weight) 13.5 stone
Max Height 6' 4"

Lesson Arrival and Duration Times

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your lesson. We may be unable to extend your lesson time if you arrive late.

Lesson duration times are approximate due to the nature of animals and include the time required for Mounting, dismounting and Tack adjustments.

In the unusual event of only 1 rider on a group lesson, we will reduce the lesson time by half but will not charge any additional for what is then in effect a private lesson.

Instructors and Horses

We have a wide range of Horses and Instructors. They are all different in their own respects. We know you will have favorites but we can not and do not ever guarantee them. There are too many variables and so we would ask that on the odd occasion when we have to substitute them at short notice that you accept this and enjoy the different experience - it's often a pleasant surprise! In fact we will often change a Pony if we think that a particular child will develop a particular skill better on a different mount and indeed a different instructor should always be seen as a different viewpoint which can enhance your learning experience - Change is Good !


Riding is essentially an outdoor pursuit and we ride in all but dangerous weather conditions. Children's lessons will always be placed Indoors as a priority so you may get the short straw when there is no space available.

The only time we may interrupt lessons is during heavy snow but in that event we will keep Live updates feeding to our Website and Facebook pages so keep you fully informed.