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Senior School

Exercise or Pure Enjoyment Take your pick !

Whatever you're looking for from Horse Riding, Callum Park is the perfect place to be !

If you're 16 and over then you enter our Senior school. Here we Teach you to Ride Properly and Safely but always in accordance with your desired goals - if you haven't got goals then that's fine too - we'll make sure you Learn and Enjoy yourself in any case.

We will Tune your Lessons and time with us to suit your Needs as well as your Budget.

All New Senior riders start with a Private 1 to 1 lesson. It might be only one or many depending on your needs and preferences. From your first lesson we assess and Grade you and enter you onto our unique 'Schoolmaster' Tracking system. All of this takes place behind the scenes leaving you free to just enjoy your time in the Saddle. From this point on we track your progress like no other Riding School and ensure you get maximum Progression, Enjoyment and of course Value for Money.

Once you reach a required standard you will be offered the choice of joining a suitable Group lesson. These are less expensive, structured by age and ability and generally more fun and social than Privates - but you will of course be shy, think you're not good enough and resist these initially for as long as possible. After your first group lesson you WILL realise that you are much better than you thought you were and then wish you'd joined weeks earlier. Groups are great social get-togethers and real Stress Busters and offer a whole new network of friends. You'll then really start enjoying the whole world of Horse Riding which is as much Social as it is Riding.

Of course you may be a seasoned rider looking to brush up on your technique or perhaps a Rider from many a year ago looking to 'Take Back The Reins' but in any case we will teach you in a Sympathetic, relaxed and informal environment

If you get the 'Bug' and want more - we are here to help. We can Loan you a horse, teach you to look after it, sell you a Horse and then provide you with Livery services or if you want to take up a Career with Horses we can even train you through our dedicated Kent Equine Academy.

So - if you're thinking about joining our Riding School - What's to think about ?