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Progression Awards for Junior Riders

TRACKPACK has been designed for Riders at Callum Park who want more than just a casual ride and who want to progress their Riding skills and maybe also their Stable Management. It is the culmination of our Lifetime experience of Teaching children to Ride and our Educational work with the Kent Equine Academy. 

All Riders at Callum Park are continuously assessed and graded by our Instructors and these grades are then recorded on our ‘Schoolmaster’ Software Grading system. These grades enable us to match Riders of the right age and the right ability onto the most appropriate groups, which in turn ensures that you all learn as quickly and as safely as possible.

To compliment this Unique Computerised system we have recently introduced a NEW series of ‘Progressive Riding Tests’ and Certificates. You can now participate in your own Equestrian journey and follow your own personal achievements. As you record your progress using the Syllabus sheets provided in the TRACKPACK you can see clearly your personal progression and, by attending a ‘Test day’, you can also have this achievement recognised and awarded.

Many of our Junior Riders also participate in our Pony Club and so we have created a number of Stable Management awards in addition to the Riding awards.  Again, you simply follow the Syllabus and periodically you attend an optional Test day if you want a Certificate to reward and mark your progress.

A whole set of Syllabus and information sheets are contained within the TRACKPACK for you to get the best out of your time with us. This is where you will keep and store your achievements, your awards and indeed your own precious memories of your time with us for years to come.

The next TRACKPACK Test day is TBC shortly

The hardest thing about learning to Ride is the Ground !