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our Olympic 2012 legacy spectacular

'Our 2012 Legacy' - For the School children of Kent !

when you're looking for an Outing to Entertain & Educate an entire class of children there's only one Riding School with the Capacity and the Experience to Deliver !

We pioneered a special Experience for Medway Primary schools back in 2009 as part of our Partnership with the Medway Olympic Games project. It was called 'Our Medway 2012' and it was designed and delivered exclusively by us. Your school may well have participated with the hundreds of other school children who benefited from this program in the run up to the Olympic games and it was generously sponsored by Medway council.

After the Olympics we took the original theme and gave it a twist ! we broadened its scope to appeal also to Secondary schools and gave it the new name of  'Our 2012 Legacy'. In keeping with the spirit of the event and to commemorate the UK's fantastic Equine success at the Games we have committed to continue the subsidy for these trips and to make them available to every School in Kent and Medway.

Horse trips for schools"Our 2012 Legacy" is  a 2 hour fast moving, interactive and Fun Learning experience. The class is split into equal groups and each group participates in a Carousel of activities including Riding, Gymkhana games, Pin the Pony, Grooming etc. When the bell sounds the groups rotate until each has completed all of the tasks.

The whole activity takes place in our Indoor arena and with minimal assistance from your staff we give the children a fantastic experience which they'll talk about for weeks.

Often the class stays on for Lunch in our Cafeteria or perhaps picnics on our farm in the Summer months.

Other school trips, larger and smaller are also available and we do offer variations for schools with specialist needs.

The 'Our 2012 Legacy' sessions may be booked Wednesday  to Friday during term times by emailing us at riding@callumpark.com. There is a maximum of 6 sessions per week so we recommend booking as early as possible. 

An absolute 'Must Do' event for every School in Kent !