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Learning difficulties don't have to be difficult

particularly for  Children within the Autistic Spectrum with Aspergers and ADHD

who benefit hugely from the interaction with Horses and the environment found around Stable Yards.

Horses have an incredibly therapeutic effect and promote a great sense of Self Esteem within those who might be in need of some support. The Calming and Gentle nature of our 4 legged friends encourages a confidence and a sense of achievement not usually felt by these special people in the seemingly alien world that they find themselves trapped.

For some years now we have recognised the benefits that being around Horses can bring to those within the Autistic Spectrum and we have worked with many of the Specialist Junior and Adult institutions and Schools to help produce some very positive and satisfying outcomes.

We will of course teach these good souls how to ride a horse in a safe, calm and sympathetic way, but more importantly is that the environment and the patience and the understanding that we offer them provides a safe haven within which they can flourish.

We consider it an enormous privilege to work with these wonderful people and together with all of our staff genuinely look forward to their visits.

If you are a school or a support group and you think that you might benefit from our environment we would be only too pleased to hear from you. We are well practiced in catering for your needs and will work at your preferred speed.

We do talk elsewhere about our wonderfull collection of Horses and Ponies but if you want to see something incredible watch their behaviour when someone with Autism climbs onto their back - It will Amaze you !

A diagnosis doesn't have to be a sentence !