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Dressage & Show Jumping combined

Exclusively for our Riders

This is where our riders get to practice all of those hard learn't Riding skills practiced every week in the Riding School.

At the end of every term we run our In-House combined competition with classes to suit both Junior and Senior Schools and the different abilities within.

Entering a show can be a daunting experience, especially so for those who don't own their own horse, so we even the field up a bit and only take entries from our Riding school clients, who hire from us their favorite Horse or Pony for the event.

You will only be competing against other Riders from the School and so with every one on an even footing, you've every chance to bring home your first ever Winner's Rosette. It's always a great day out and with Mums, Dads, Siblings and Grandparents cheering you along it has all of the excitement and sense of occasion that you'd find at a proper Sporting event. 

Of course a little hint of competition will creep in on the day but these are Fun days and are all about the taking part and soaking up the atmosphere with your fellow Riders. You'll feel the buzz and experience the adrenaline kick when it's your turn to enter the ring but if you want to see serious competitiveness check out the Horses and Ponies - they just love a show day !

a great excuse to get all dressed up and show off !