code of conduct


In line with our commitment to the 'Clubmark' Standard

we publish the standards expected from our

Riders and their guests below

  • Full compliance with all COVID-19 safety measures in place and at all times.

  • have read and agree to the 'booking' and 'Clothing' guides.

  • Smoking prohibited everywhere with the exception of the car park.

  • Dogs are not permitted to site without prior authorisation.

  • Junior Riders MUST have a Parent or Guardian present at all times.

  • No food or drink may be consumed in or around the stable yards at any time.

  • Only Riders may proceed through the gate from the car park.

  • photography & filming (including phones) is not permitted without permission from the Riding coach.

  • No climbing on any fences or gates.

  • Spectators are not encouraged and must not leave the car park without permission.

  • spectators must not converse with coaches during lessons.

  • Riders may not mount or dismount outside of an Arena or without the permission of the riding instructor.

  • Only Riders and Instructors are allowed to enter an arena during a riding lesson.

  • No treats may be given to Horses or Ponies without permission from coaches.

  • No running or shouting at any time.

  • The Strict 15mph Speed limit on site MUST be adhered to even when running late

  • Only staff may collect or return Horses and ponies to paddocks unless they supervise Riders to do so.